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Home State Bank is the "Bank of Generations." Proudly serving the people in and around Royal, Iowa since 1915.

We are a community-oriented bank providing for the banking needs of consumer, commercial and agricultural customers in and around Royal. Unlike larger banks, decisions are made locally by bank staff who understand the local economy and the needs of our community. We can offer most of the same services that larger banks provide and we can provide them in a more efficient manner. If you are in the need for banking services just give us a call or stop by Home State Bank to speak to one our friendly bank staff.

Our History

Home State Bank, after over 100 years, is the oldest continuously operating bank in Clay County. The bank has weathered many difficult times, but has always continued to serve its customers and the community with honesty, courtesy, and professionalism. It is through these efforts and overwhelming customer loyalty that Home State Bank is truly the "Bank of Generations."


  • In December, 1914, a group of Royal residents met for the purpose of establishing the Home State Bank (the third bank in town). The bank was to be capitalized through the sale of 250 shares of stock at $100 per share. The stock was fully subscribed to very quickly by several area people, many whose ancestors remain bank customers.
  • On March 12, 1915, the fledgling bank was authorized to do business, and opened on March 15th, 1915. A state charter was received on April 20th, 1915. The bank's first balance sheet showed total assets of $11,972.50. The going interest rate paid at this time was 5%, and 8% was charged on all loans.
  • The early 1920's through the mid-1930's presented extremely difficult times, causing the other two banks in town to close. Through prudent lending practices and conservative management, Home State Bank was able to keep its doors open.
  • The mid 1930's saw great improvement in the banking climate, and the bank began to prosper, allowing a growth to over $2,000,000 in total assets by 1963.
  • In January, 1965, Larry Olson was elected President of the bank and held that position for more than 50 years until his passing December, 2016. The Olson family continues to be involved in the operations of the bank to date.
  • Home State Bank moved into a new modern facility at 3rd & Main in April of 1972, and continues to operate today from that location.
  • The bank became, for the first time in 1978, a nationally top-rated bank, and continues to enjoy that status yet today.


To provide high quality financial products and services in a familiar, honest, and trusting manner.

Community Involvement

Home State Bank is a proud to be a part of the Royal Community. We are happy to support these and other local business in our town.

President's Message

Since being founded in 1915, Home State Bank has endeavored to professionally serve our customers in the community and the surrounding area, focusing on friendly, personal service and up to date banking services. We are proud to help people with their personal, business, and agricultural needs. Our customer service and community involvement has provided us generations of excellent relationships.

Much has changed in society and banking since our bank was established, but not our primary focus... our customers. We now are able to serve our customers 24/7 everywhere with our internet banking platform, mobile banking, debit cards, and much more. We strive to meet each of our customers' goals by caring about, and focusing on, meeting their needs. That's traditional banking... that's Home State Bank.

We are also proud to have a first-rate staff with over 75 years of experience of serving our customers and community.

Home State Bank has enjoyed a five-star rating by Bauer Financial, Inc., a nationally recognized bank rating firm, for over 30 years. We are the oldest and highest capitalized bank operating bank in Clay County.

Home State Bank has a long-standing commitment to Royal and the surrounding area, and as a family owned, independent bank, we make our decisions here. Our robust financial strength, strong capital position, and experienced staff allow us to provide competitive bank products and small-town service and friendliness that you expect and deserve. A real person will always answer our phone during normal working hours... no punching numbers required.

If you are currently a customer of Home State Bank, THANK YOU! If not, we invite you to become one. Our staff is always ready to help you as we continue to provide personal service while offering the latest in convenient, electronic technologies.

We are Home State Bank, the Bank of Generations!


If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, please call us at 877-474-5511 or 712-933-5511, Email us, or stop in to see us during normal business hours.

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